Monday, July 13, 2009

Illegal Immigration

I was driving on Interstate 35 in Austin a few months ago, when my I thought that my tire was going flat. I got off the road and pulled into the closest site which turned out to be the local day labor center. Proving that Austin is an infamous sanctuary city.

There were 100 illegal immigrants just sitting there loitering. Trash was everywhere, and they were waiting in the blazing hot sun for an honest day's work. I was terrified and immediately locked all of my doors and made sure my wallet was safe. One of the bosses from the center came out to ensure that I was okay, and asked if I was there to pick up a worker. He seemed disappointed in my response.

Talk about scary. These illegal guys don't even know whose picking them up for work. No wonder we always hear about crimes of opportunity against illegals that rival those coming on inner tubes from Cuba.
I didn't think much about this experience until I sat down to read my New York Times this morning. In keeping with the re-runs of the Bush years, Obama has decided to expand Homeland Security's program which enlists local law enforcement to hunt illegal immigrants. I'm so proud of him.

Apparently, this does not sit well with the New York Times, because racial profiling will likely be involved. Well, if you can't take the heat, then get out of the country. I was constantly pulled over as a Muslimah with niqaab on. It's par for the course. I have so many tickets that I'm close to losing my license over it.

But, I don't blame anyone. I chose to come to wear this attire in a country where it's unpopular.
There also seems to be concerns that the cost of police enforcing all of this is higher than the benefit because "it undermines community policing, which relies heavily on building trust among those the officers serve and protect."

It seems to me that this issue should be one of the biggest for the police though, because illegals commit so many crimes.

I think Obama is spot on with this. I'm starting to really like him.