Monday, July 13, 2009

Illegal Immigration

I was driving on Interstate 35 in Austin a few months ago, when my I thought that my tire was going flat. I got off the road and pulled into the closest site which turned out to be the local day labor center. Proving that Austin is an infamous sanctuary city.

There were 100 illegal immigrants just sitting there loitering. Trash was everywhere, and they were waiting in the blazing hot sun for an honest day's work. I was terrified and immediately locked all of my doors and made sure my wallet was safe. One of the bosses from the center came out to ensure that I was okay, and asked if I was there to pick up a worker. He seemed disappointed in my response.

Talk about scary. These illegal guys don't even know whose picking them up for work. No wonder we always hear about crimes of opportunity against illegals that rival those coming on inner tubes from Cuba.
I didn't think much about this experience until I sat down to read my New York Times this morning. In keeping with the re-runs of the Bush years, Obama has decided to expand Homeland Security's program which enlists local law enforcement to hunt illegal immigrants. I'm so proud of him.

Apparently, this does not sit well with the New York Times, because racial profiling will likely be involved. Well, if you can't take the heat, then get out of the country. I was constantly pulled over as a Muslimah with niqaab on. It's par for the course. I have so many tickets that I'm close to losing my license over it.

But, I don't blame anyone. I chose to come to wear this attire in a country where it's unpopular.
There also seems to be concerns that the cost of police enforcing all of this is higher than the benefit because "it undermines community policing, which relies heavily on building trust among those the officers serve and protect."

It seems to me that this issue should be one of the biggest for the police though, because illegals commit so many crimes.

I think Obama is spot on with this. I'm starting to really like him.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Globama's Ball And Cheney

I'm relieved that somebody wants to save the Republican party. And at least attempt to challenge the "boy who would be king" in the next Presidential election.

I just never expected that person would be Dick Cheney. You make me proud Vice.

After September 11, Vice permanently retired to a distant bunker. I figured he was reading manuals about how to properly shoot birds, or recovering from a heart attack that the public was unaware of.

I could never have dreamed that he was expertly choreographing his own third term. This new Cheney has me excited again about the Old Guard, the military, stopping our spending, heck, gay rights. Everyone who said he'd retire in disgrace was wrong. That heart may be ice cold, but it's still beating.While Bush waits and hopes that history will look favorably at his sordid record, Vice is on the move.

He managed with little effort to get the "boy who would be king" to do an about-face on torture photos. Suddenly, Obama sounds just like Bush. He's mumbling something about keeping military tribunals going. He's ranting on about how torture photos would endanger the troops, so the public doesn't have to see waterboarding, and our dirty little secret. So his administration can keep it going.

Something of a surge is ongoing in Afghanistan. There's no plan to withdraw from Iraq anytime soon. Obama seems to be making good on his promise to invade Pakistan. And yet, his speech to Muslims should be sufficient. Uh huh.

Notice what Boy Wonder is not able to talk about. Healthcare.

Globama's ball and Cheney hijacked the healthcare agenda, so that the administration wouldn't get anything done in the first 200 days. Vice knows all too well the importance of a President getting his agenda going early on in a presidency. FDR did his most important work in the first 100 days. So what to do? How to get history to start looking favorably at Bush who is busy having dinner parties, carrying firewood, and decorating his Dallas home?

Make Obama flustered about waterboarding. Find a way to make force him to care about his lowest priority, national security.

Notice that Vice has even stolen the glory of gay rights out from under his nemesis. He supports gay marriage. I do not, but have to applaud Cheney for showing he has a heart where his lesbian daughter and grandbaby are concerned.

And in the meantime, all Obama has are some soundbites revealing that he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. I bet an awful lot of gay rights activists who supported him are wondering why.
And now Cheney moves on to his next plan. Force Gitmo to stay open. Interesting that Globama's own party refuses to close it.

There's no doubt that Vice also dreams of closing down the dialogue between the administration and Muslim world. This is pivotal. Vice, I know how you can do it. Start talking up the fact that not only is Globama still in Iraq and surging in Afghanistan, but he doesn't even talk about exporting democracy the way you and W. do.

As Bush's excursion and then his plane slowly took off over Washington for the last time, I quietly went to my bed and put the covers over my eyes. The tears fell. I was sad about losing Laura, family values, and especially my beloved pro-life movement.

I couldn't have known that as that plane lifted off in a direction not far from my home, Cheney's plane was touching down in Washington for the first time since September 11.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dead Babies Speaking

Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death."

Ephesians 5:11 "Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them."

It was about 10:12 am Sunday morning, and I awoke with a start. Something didn't seem right. And then I remembered. I sometimes volunteer at Hope Clinic on Sunday's, just as the sun is coming up.

Instead, the sun was blaring through the mini-blinds, and "Meet The Press" was recording in the distance. I didn't volunteer today, because I planned to take my son to see Pixar's "Up" instead. And then I heard the breaking news as husband flipped channels. About Dr. George Tiller.

The most notorious abortionist in the entire world. The partial birth pioneer who shot viable babies through the heart with Digoxin. Legally. Completely legally. Just as Dr. Josef Mengele did to Holocaust children in his twin studies. Sometimes Killer Tiller recommended a complete hysterectomy with a baby still inside. Often, he sucked the brains out of a completely viable partially born baby as he writhed in pain....

Dr. George Tiller.

Murdered. A moral murder.

I breathed deeply.
I laid back down and held my son. And I have to admit that I didn't shed a tear. I always wished for an end to Tiller's rage against babies. I figured it had something to do with almost his entire family being wiped out in a Yellowstone plane crash in 1970.

I was hoping that the end would come more peacefully, though I remember subconsciously thinking that Tiller lived in Wichita, Kansas and so did BTK.

I also remember driving to Cross Lake, Minnesota and my Grandparent's lakehouse over the years. We often stopped in Wichita, Kansas to eat and visit our Uncle. One summer we were driving down East Kellogg looking for Country Kitchen. I can recall a strange, cold feeling that stuck with me as we passed Tiller's Women's Health Care Services Building, my perfect 20-20 eyesight scanning the addresses for mommy and daddy.

Over the years, I held out hope that maybe Tiller's faith would intervene. Or that one of the babies he murdered would visit him in nightmares, and shake him to his very core.

So it was only natural that as the news blared in the distance, my thoughts turned to Baby Sarah.

I wanted to be the biggest, baddest pro-choice liberal in 1993. I adored Miss Hillary, and wanted to go to Wellesley like she had. I wished I could have protested Vietnam. Seen Woodstock in a VW bus. Been a flower child. And I daydreamed about studying law like Hillary. And being pro-choice.

I was a freshman in high school and a fan of The Real World: San Francisco at the time. Pedro and Puck were fighting every week, and for the first time, I saw AIDS up close. But, it would be Rachel Campos who I would seek to emulate.

Rachel Campos became my biggest hero. I tried to fight it with every fiber of my being, but I couldn't help but adore the pro-life Republican.

At the very same time, something unexpected happened that would change my political leanings forever. "Baby Sarah" survived an attempted abortion by Dr. Tiller in Kansas.

During the attempted abortion, Baby Sarah turned away from the needle. So instead of injecting the lethal drug into Baby Sarah's heart, Tiller injected it into the side of her head. This left her alive but blind. The trauma caused her mother to deliver early. Baby Sarah was born in the parking lot at Wesley Medical Center where hospital staff left her to die. A day later she was still alive. A hospital employee took pity on her, and she was adopted a few hours later by the Brown family. Baby Sarah died a few years later due to complications caused by the attempted abortion.

I kept trying to fight my Rachel Campos complex over the years. Each time it stared me in the face that I was a Republican masquerading as a rebellious left wing liberal, I tried to bravely run with the liberal agenda. I discredited the idea of voting on the single issue of abortion by telling myself that Al Gore would save our planet. That John Kerry understood the Vietnam veterans more than Bush ever could. That Hillary's health care plan wasn't so bad.

But, I kept coming back to Baby Sarah.

Those big puppy dog brown eyes begging Dr. Tiller to just slow down. Breathe in life. Just soak it in.

And then I forced myself to do the impossible. Be uncool.

Vote solely on abortion. Solely on abortion. With every election that became my goal. My duty.

As I drove home from seeing Pixar's "Up" with my son, I thought of where I often find myself on Sunday's. The Hope Clinic. And I felt such a sense of peace.

Sometimes, we have a small baby shower for a teen mom who is changing her entire life for that growing baby bump.

Other times, a girl walks in beet red, almost hyperventilating with fear of the unknown. She walks out an hour later with a smile on her face, knowing that she now has support. That she can do this.

If only Dr. Tiller.

If only you had stopped counting the millions in earnings for just one second. If only you had stopped thinking you were so powerful with that perfect record of never killing the mother, as you carried out pre-meditated murder. If only you had considered the fact that you only performed 1 medically necessary emergency abortion out of 2289.

If only you had stopped and looked for those precious smiles in the mom-to-be. The ones that light up the room at Hope Clinic.

Instead tonight, you see the thousands of babies you chose to murder. Safe in His arms. How very sad that you can only look from afar in shame at that most amazing sight.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Wise Latina Whose Lived That Life Is So Much Better Than A White Guy. Uh huh.

I have the post-Memorial Day blues and Sonia Sotomayor is the reason why. Obama managed to disappoint me again by nominating someone no different than Ruth Bader "legislate from the bench guinea pig" Ginsburg ths morning. For a life-term on the Supreme Court.

I should have expected it. Globama said something about wanting someone who understands poverty, racism, and homelessness, that can basically legislate from the bench 5% of the time. Well he got what he wanted. In a proof that she's a liberal activist judge, she's been reversed a lot.

It pains me so much that we went from mourning those who fought and died for our Constitution yesterday, to nominating a woman who thinks that the Constitution isn't as important as her own opinion. She gave a speech in 2001 declaring that the ethnicity and sex of a judge “may and will make a difference in our judging." The law itself doesn't seem to matter as much.

Call me crazy, but I thought that legislating was done by legislatures with the Constitution as The Bible. Not for Sonia Sotomayor. Apparently, she knows better than any tattered piece of paper. In a complete departure from the neutral arbitration so important to the law that it's almost a hippocratic oath, we have Sonia making plans to reinvent the Constitution according to her whims.

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life,” she said.
We can thank Bush #1 for this sad turn of events. Instead of nominating a strict constitutionalist as he did with Clarence Thomas in 1991, he picked David Souter in 1990. The reason was of course, that Bush wanted to be bi-partisan, and hoped that he could get Miguel Estrada appointed later if he got Souter for the liberals the first time. The favor was supposed to be returned with Bill "womanizer" Clinton, but like most of the Clinton promises, this was another empty one.

So now we get Sonia Sotomayor, because all that really matters to Globama is race.

Not the fact that she's about to be appropriately overturned on her ruling that a White firefighter should not be promoted, because Black guys scored lower on that promotion test, but heck those Black guys should get the job.

I get it.

She's Sonia Sotomayor and she knows all about racism, poverty, gay rights, homelessness, and Puerto Rico. Those White guys need to just go eat their microgreens, tear up their Constitutions, and leave the legislating to her and Ruthie. She knows better because she's lived that life.

Spare me.
So now affirmative action is back on the table. Great. I can't tell you how many jobs I haven't gotten over the years because I'm Caucasian. Everytime, I go to the State to interview, there's an African-American or Hispanic girl so much more qualified. No college, no relevant experience, but so much more qualified. Uh huh.

And I suppose that we can expect abortion to be legislated from the bench more and more too. We should never have left abortion to the courts. We should have left it to the people. But, then we wouldn't need lawyers.

Some of you may know that as a history major starting out in 1997 at Texas, I was headed towards law school. I quickly veered off that course and went towards biology, but kept the history I loved so much in play. Until now, you couldn't have known why I decided law was not for me.

You need only to look at law today to understand why. Our kids can't even go to public school because of lawyers. A teacher can't give a crying child a hug when she gets a boo-boo because of the law. In one recent instance, a teacher had to call the police instead so they could touch the child.

We have too many lawyers and judges who are not neutral arbitrators. For instance, the defendant in the Roe vs. Wade case was Norma Leah McCorvey, a.k.a. Jane Roe. Thanks to Roe vs. Wade, individual state's were no longer allowed to make decisions against abortion. This all happened because Ms. McCorvey's lawyers wanted the spotlight, and wanted someone to legislate from the bench on their behalf. They didn't care about Mrs. McCorvey or her rape.

Today, Ms. McCorvey is pro-life and wishes her decision was reversed. She wrote about fetal pain and love for babies after seeing a fetal development poster.

I have a feeling that Ms. McCorvey wishes everyday that we didn't have so many lawyers expecting legislation from the bench. She probably wishes that people would take up a profession in need like nursing, so we can avoid the ego of a Sonia Sotomayor whose so above the Constitution.

Oh Reagan, you did things right with Sandra Day O'Connor. A neutral arbitrator. And I love you Bush #2 for choosing way, way conservative John Roberts. A strict constitutionalist.

Pray with me today, dear readers. Pray that Ruth Bader Ginsburg survives her pancreatic cancer through all of the Globama terms. And that when she finally meets her maker or retires first, it's during a Republican presidential tenure. One can dream.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Now I Can Give Obama A Chance. He's Not A Socialist After All.

Not only is Barack not a socialist, he may not even be a liberal. I finally came to terms with it yesterday, and am forced to announce that I was dead wrong about him. I am embarrassed.

This all came to light when he decided that we still need military tribunals. I was so shocked. Here I was assuming he'd go the socialist route in war, and bring home all the troops the minute he got into office. Didn't happen. And send professors, scholars, and engineers to places like Afghanistan instead of troops. A very socialist thing to do. Nope.

We're not itching to be like Europe, after all.

Instead, Obama sees the merit in extending the military tribunals, and their inevitable use of torture. A majority of American still favor his plan. We don't like torture, but recognize this post-9/11 period as an exception to that rule.

Even as Pelosi is trying her darndest to pretend that she "never knew" about waterboarding. Uh huh.
Another clear indication that we're not becoming Europe, is the Obama team's lack of desire to make structural changes to the financial system. Timothy Geithner does not desire nationalization like I thought he would, a key ingredient in the Socialist recipe. He instead favors costly, short-term measures that would appear to be socialistic, but aren't. Simply because they can be easily scrapped once they finish serving our purposes. A socialist would have overhauled the entire banking system by now, making it more of a public utility that's completely nationalized. We wouldn't have allowed Chrysler to go under, or GM to start laying-off dealership employees.

Thank goodness that we won't have to live in Stalingrad housing anytime soon, after all. I was fearful.

On healthcare, Barack seems to be doing a pretty good job of not being socialistic as well. Instead of nationalizing it, he wants to allow private insurance companies free reign to underinsure it's policyholders, but cash in on "universal coverage." The ObamaCare Plan. Less socialistic than Hill's plan.

It must be said that socialism is certainly not all bad.

There is something to be said for the fact that capitalism makes the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.

But, the fact is that socialism can never work. Anywhere. The very best countries believe in a free market economy and capitalism.

We are better than socialism gives us credit.

We have a right to dream bigger. I want to believe that at the end of the day, I can be anyone and do anything. And not have to worry that the government will take it all away. For the "greater good."

If you were left behind by capitalism, I can understand how you veered towards socialism. I've been "left behind" too.

But, we should want to dream bigger. I plan too. And I'll give Globama a chance in the process.

I have to say, I'm very impressed.

The Republicans have a real problem on their hands. And changing words like pro-choice aren't going to really make a difference.

Barack, I think Ronald would be proud of you tonight.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Try Suicide

Today, wherever you are, please hold tightly to those who you love. Ask them if they are okay. Offer to listen. For those who have lost that chance.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 Days Of Barackutopia

It's report card day for what could only be described as a president not really acting presidential. He's more like an acrobat walking a high wire. Not afraid to fall, but afraid to look down at the memo addressing exactly how much money he's spending.

The ghosts of us Reaganites are still waiting in the shadows. We have not gone away.

Because we know what is coming down the pike. We see it in Spain.

Six months ago Spain started spending like crazy and created a stimulus package. And now their knee-deep in red ink and have 20% unemployment. Translation: Unemployment is even higher than pre-stimulus package.

I see it going the same way with Globama. Like every newlywed couple, ugly things start to emerge after 100 days.
It's all so depressing. So I've decided to instead turn my sights to re-branding the Republican Reagan image. I'm hopeful that 4 years down the road, it will pay off. And perhaps we can change some of the liberal agenda that did us in this time around.

So first, there is no such thing as pro-choice. How did Republicans allow liberals to coin that term? Pro-choice is really pro-abortion. Let's change the words, and then hopefully change the agenda.

And there are no green jobs. I could hope desperately for one, to no avail. If there are any which I think is a myth, they are are going to China or India anyhow. So what's the point of buying into it?

Smart cars are not really smart. When your navigating a snowstorm with one of those, you will desperately wish for a bulky SUV. Let's get real.
At least we have learned a few things from the first 100 days. Obama didn't mind scaring the beejesus out of Mayor Bloomberg and millions of New Yorkers. He just had to do an Air Force One photo-op. Kind of makes you wonder how prepared we are for another attack, when he's not even sure where one of his planes is.

And we learned that healthcare has to take a backseat to the "agenda."

And that Globama has a special appreciation for the tiny country of Turkey, and their ability to get into the European Union.

We also found out that if another attack happens, we won't be allowed to find out about Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's plans for Los Angeles. Because we won't be able to waterboard him anymore.

I'm at a loss to think of anything else this experience has taught us. Oh well, bottoms up. Globama is so cool.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Animal Cruelty And Freedom Of Speech

I am probably more interested in the Supreme Court's docket than most normal people. Really. Lately, there haven't been many cases to wonder about, but I just discovered a new one the other day and thought to share.

The Supreme Court justices just accepted U.S. vs. Stevens. In 2004, a district court in Pennsylvania convicted Mr. Stevens of knowingly selling images of animal cruelty through national commerce. Which is actually illegal under Section 48 of a federal law, which makes depictions of animal cruelty illegal, in addition to the actual act of cruelty.

A U.S. Court Of Appeals overturned Mr. Stevens conviction in July 2008, and said that Section 48 is unconstitutional.

And said that images of animal cruelty are not on the same level as child pornography. And that the images of cruelty are free speech. “Preventing cruelty to animals, although an exceedingly worthy goal, simply does not implicate interests of the same magnitude as protecting children from physical and psychological harm,” the majority held.

They also determined that the animals involved could not see themselves in their cruelty photos. Thus, it was important to uphold free speech because the animals could not see the photos to get upset about the abuse.
I tended to agree with the Court of Appeals, and couldn't understand why the Supreme Court was taking up the issue. I always wish they'd eliminate abortion first. We should protect free speech. These animals aren't even able to understand photos of the abuse.

I was infuriated that once again, we seem to have some left wing liberals trying to legislate from the bench. And end free speech. One of the best things about our democracy.

And then something changed.

For the first time I was exposed to the evil world of crush videos. Apparently, there is even a sexual fetish for these images of little animals being stomped on. What is the world coming to? I don't know if I've ever cried harder, with the exception of the day I saw the mass "halal" slaughter of 25 sheep on Eid, or the time I watched a video of how Thai bush traders handle the killing of rhesus monkey's.

I am now praying that the Justices prevent animal cruelty from being free speech. We must silence these evil, disgusting, crush video monsters.

I never thought I'd say that we should partly ban free speech. But, looking at these precious kittens, and imagining them in a crush video is too heartbreaking not to do the right thing.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Columbine 10 Years On

This weekend I was driving to Chuy's with Youssef. I remember becoming increasingly frustrated that I couldn't get through an insane traffic jam. It was a Saturday, so there shouldn't have been any.

The traffic jam was caused by a bunch of cars parked on the side of the road. And hundreds of people crossing the street to the Saxet Gun Show.

I felt sick. Knowing that the 10th anniversary of Columbine was just two days away. And yet there was something that made me so much sicker.

Those that missed the point of that tragedy.

I like the 2nd amendment. And it could have saved many lives on April 20, 1999. And on April 16, 2007. Imagine if Rachel Scott had a gun in her purse when Eric Harris ran in. Or if Matthew Ketcher had one hidden inside his little brown lunch bag.

I am so incredibly tired of hearing that guns are the problem in America. We have them and it's too late. It's too late. And it's a problem that we have so many of them.

But, let us use those guns when it's necessary. Make it so that kids who always follow the rules, don't have to lose their lives for it.

Columbine wasn't about guns. It was about the sadness that is in the hearts of those who are suicidal. My beloved grandmother. And Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris.

Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for teenagers. And yet 10 years after Columbine, our anti-depressants and psychotherapy still isn't effective enough.

Imagine if my Grandmother were alive today in this recession. And Granddaddy had just lost his job and their health insurance. With how little insurance is covered for psychiatry, she wouldn't have stood a chance. She wouldn't have stood a chance.

About 8 to 10% of teenagers are depressed. Diverting the public's allegiance from protecting these teens through suicide prevention, to focusing on gun control is so irresponsible.

I so wanted to protect my Grandmother. You would not believe how much. Or the guilt of not being able to. And I know in my heart, that Dylan Klebold's parents feel the same way. His parents knew he was depressed. But like my family, they didn't know the extent of it. Dylan's father even worked from home. They spent a lot of time together.

Better psychiatry could have saved his life. And Grandma too.

Or was it inevitable?

We'll never really know.

But a lack of gun control was not the culprit.

Let us fight for our depressed teens. In honor of today.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Take That Greedy Baby Boomers

I arrived too late the other night for a lecture at The University of Texas-Austin (my alma mater), by Tom Brokaw. The tickets were free, but the parking was atrocious. I finally gave up, despite the fact that I had been really excited to hear his thoughts on The Greatest Generation. My grandparents, and our World War II veterans.

On the way home, I passed by the LBJ library on the upper level of IH35. And got to thinking as I so often do, about politics. And I remembered one of the greatest presidents in that "great" generation who loved civil rights. Will a future generation be able to top my Grandparents? Highly unlikely.

So imagine my surprise when I was listening to Talk radio the very next day, and they were talking about Generation X and Y.

And how awesome we are.

The conversation made me hate all baby boomers universally. Those greedy monsters. They stole all of our social security. I want to write a book about the baby boomers. Called "The Generation Who Paid For My Life With Credit Cards, And Bankrupted My Future."
No one wanted to take Generation X seriously back in the day. Much less Generation Y. In the 1990's, we were focused on getting AIDS, and appeared to be the generation who would take that hit the hardest. We loved Nirvana and Grunge Rock. Nobody thought we cared. And now everybody is eating their words.

In a recent study, our generations were found to be the most optimistic about the future of every generation polled. And the least likely to depend on government to fix our woes.

We knew we couldn't depend on anyone, not even Mother Earth. Luckily, our greedy baby-boomer parents raised us with this perception.

As soon as social security flew out of our hands, really before we ever got started, we formulated a new plan. More of us went to college, and many more than that, say in every poll the very same thing.

That we don't believe there are jobs for us. But, if we just educate ourselves a little more, by doing graduate degrees and getting extra certification, we will realize the American dream.

I was so surprised to read this poll.

And even more surprised by it's findings that we don't care as much about money as the baby-boomers, and especially the Greatest Generation. The Great Generation considered financial stability the end all, be all. But, Generation X and Y believes that the most important things are family, friends, and children.

Getting back to basics.

Generation X and Y have also been trained to save. To preserve what little we have. We grew up recycling and being miniature environmentalists.

Trying to hold onto what little was left of our blue skies. And Arctic ice.

The kids are alright, but the parents....Well you reap what you sow baby-boomers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. President, Put Down The Portugese Water Dog And Stop Making Us Plant Edible Lawns

This is the backyard of my childhood home. And little Youssef playing among mom's tiny edible garden yesterday on Easter.

Can you see the barbed wire fence that backs up to one of Austin's largest privately owned ranches? I had the privilege of watching deer majestically jump over it, and wander around our backyard with their young growing up. And the privilege of seeing the beauty of Texas and it's oak trees everyday.

The miniature garden might be a bit of an isore, but apparently it's worth ruining our 1/2 acre lawn to not have to pay as much at the produce stand.

Mom planted rosemary and garlic recently so I just had to take a look. We discussed how bad this economy has become, and I wondered if she'd ever consider planting a lawn garden. "If dad would let me," she said.

What is this nation coming to? This economy is so bad that people with money are willing to tear apart their lawns, go against neighborhood associations and landlords, and make their gardens a safe haven for snakes and other undesireable wildlife.

On a street where children are playing hopscotch, making money at lemonade stands, and riding bikes.
I really didn't understand why average citizens were willing to do this until I went to the grocery this morning and spent $7.84 for 6 yellow squash and $6.08 for house tomatoes. And it wasn't Whole Foods Organic produce either.

Obama is not moving fast enough to try to lower these skyrocketing prices at the grocery.

Just like it took what seemed like forever for him to do anything about the Somali pirates.

He was busy this weekend, people. Busy buying a Portugese water dog, instead of the mutt he promised America for Sasha and Malia.

And I understand that. They are cute little girls and need their dad. Even if he is President.

Perhaps these new lawn gardens are also environmentally friendly. But, I don't want to die instantly because I was driving in the snow with a tiny smart car, instead of an hug, honking SUV. And I also don't want to play tee-ball with Youssef and have to smell compost piles, instead of spring wildflowers.

We need help in America, Mr. President. I'm sure the puppy is adorable, but we need action on food prices so that next April, I don't have to watch our neighbors with front yard lawn gardens keep their Christmas lights out in time for Easter. And so that I can watch children play in their back and front yards, without stepping on growing turnip sprouts.

Because we all deserve to have a yard like this one pictured below.

So Mr. President, put down the new puppy and help us out.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Losing Our Moral Compass This Good Friday In America

As we enter into the sadness of Good Friday when Bibles all over the world will be slammed as the sun sets tonight, I am struck by something.

Maureen Dowd for one thing. Using the pulpit of The New York Times to say that Globama is the first president who like a good shrink, listens. He seems to be listening, but doesn't like to listen to history. The most important thing.

A perfect example was O's infamous quote that, "We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation, a Jewish nation or a Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens."

And the Founding Fathers screamed.

This nation was founded on moral, Judeo-Christian principles. End of story.

And I am so tired of the fact that Globama seeks to make himself our new religion. Our country cannot get much more secular. And yet there is hope. Many people will be attending services for Passover, Jummah, and Good Friday today.

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists but by Christians, not on religion but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We shall not fight alone. God presides over the destinies of nations." - Patrick Henry
We were founded on Christian principles. Indeed, we were the most moral nation in the world until very recently. In order to get back to our former glory, there is something we must start feeling guilty about.

The 45 million babies that we kill each year.

The 126,000 children that we will suck into a sink somewhere in the world today.

As they writhe in pain.

We can never be the moral nation we hope to be, until we stop being the freest nation in the world that refuses to afford that same freedom to the unborn.

We just can't.

Tonight at Good Friday services I will light 126 candles. For the unborn 126,000 babies that we lost to abortion today. The babies that I would die to hold in my arms.

Good Friday has never been more relevant.

We were better than this. We are better than this.
“The general principles upon which the Fathers achieved independence were the general principals of Christianity… I will avow that I believed and now believe that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God~John Adams.”

"We Recognize No Sovereign but God, and no King but Jesus!" [April 18, 1775]~John Hancock and John Adams.
"I've noticed that everybody that is for abortion has already been born." ~Ronald Reagan, quoted in New York Times, 22 September 1980

"The abortionist who reassembles the arms and legs of a tiny baby to make sure all its parts have been torn from its mother's body can hardly doubt whether it is a human being."~Ronald Reagan.

"When the lives of the unborn are snuffed out, they often feel pain, pain that is long and agonizing." President Ronald Reagan to National Religious Broadcasters, New York Times, Jan. 31, 1984

Ronald, you understood.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

33 Minutes and Oh Ronald, Are You Rolling In Your Grave Yet?

33 minutes. That's all it would take for North Korea to launch a missile that would land on either Hawaii or Alaska, simultaneously ruining our pristine beaches, and Sarah Palin's house from which she can "see" Russia. Not to mention her very inexpensive Armani business suits and Manolo stillettos.

I am heartbroken today. I really am. And absolutely disgusted by how the razzle-dazzle of Globama trumps good sense and sound judgement. I wonder how Ronald Reagan would feel right now if he were alive. I really do. He must be appalled that everything he worked for is falling apart. And in part, because of his fatal error in choosing a vice-president. It is said after all, that Bush #1 has one of the lowest IQ's recorded in any president. And the apple didn't fall far from the tree with golden boy, err....Bushie #2.

I miss the Reagan blueprint for a 1980's Star Wars Missile Defense shield that looked like something out of a bad Atari game. We all laughed at it back then. And that bad karma has come back to us, because now we have no nuclear weapons blueprint at all. None.

In fact, North Korea launches a rocket on April 5th and what do we do? Globama begs the United Nations to write a letter to the North Koreans saying that if they stop testing their weapons, we'll send them more money. Huh?

More bluster and bravado from the emptiest suit ever to grace our White House lawn.

Peace has always, always, always been won with blood, sweat, and tears.

Never with a too cool, for school empty suit, who apparently still thinks he's writing a Harvard thesis on peace in a perfect world where everyone just....listens.

Reagan must be rolling in his grave wondering when Globama is going to emerge from his fog, and realize that the world is really, a very ugly place where sometimes you have to use fighter jets, rather than sweet smiles and Secret Santa i-pods for the Queen. That if we just had the military support of every nation in this world, we could wipe out the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and North Korea in 10 minutes. It might take a long time to wipe the blood off of our hands. But, rarely, so rarely, is peace won any other way.
The 17, 18, and 19 year old Americans who fought for us against Germany knew that. They went to battle overlooking the cliffs of Normandy knowing they would never return home. Knowing that. Many of them died in the very same place they are now buried.

For our freedom.

And we repayed them very nicely yesterday.

When Globama decided to scratch that part of his trip off his itinerary. We wouldn't want to offend the Germans, he estimated.

And millions who soar high above us in heaven began to cry in unison. For the lessons that Globama chooses to forget and ignore.

But history remembers, dear readers. And it always will.

Missing you today Ronald.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall

Insomnia overwhelmed me tonight as I thought of a close friend in a desperate situation. My brain was on overdrive as I lay next to snoring husband, asking Allah for guidance.

And eventually, I started thinking about going to get the New York Times off the doorstep. Hoping it would be early. No such luck.

Somehow out of all of this, a new blog was born. This one will be about politics. About science. About abortion. About how religion is tied to politics and whether that's a good thing. About the Scopes Monkey Trial and evolution. About the conservative movement. About looking to the past as we move into the future. And Globama. Who knows where it will go.

My inner Ann Coulter and Maureen Dowd is emerging from the fog. Perplxin Texan wanted me to find something sexy about myself to write about. Well, I can think of nothing sexier Perplxin than a genius, political writer like Maureen Dowd from The New York Times. Of course, I'm not nearly as smart as she is, nor was I blessed with red hair. Watch me try and fail miserably.

The point of all of this is simple. Crazy things come out of my imagination at 4:00 am, people.