Wednesday, April 8, 2009

33 Minutes and Oh Ronald, Are You Rolling In Your Grave Yet?

33 minutes. That's all it would take for North Korea to launch a missile that would land on either Hawaii or Alaska, simultaneously ruining our pristine beaches, and Sarah Palin's house from which she can "see" Russia. Not to mention her very inexpensive Armani business suits and Manolo stillettos.

I am heartbroken today. I really am. And absolutely disgusted by how the razzle-dazzle of Globama trumps good sense and sound judgement. I wonder how Ronald Reagan would feel right now if he were alive. I really do. He must be appalled that everything he worked for is falling apart. And in part, because of his fatal error in choosing a vice-president. It is said after all, that Bush #1 has one of the lowest IQ's recorded in any president. And the apple didn't fall far from the tree with golden boy, err....Bushie #2.

I miss the Reagan blueprint for a 1980's Star Wars Missile Defense shield that looked like something out of a bad Atari game. We all laughed at it back then. And that bad karma has come back to us, because now we have no nuclear weapons blueprint at all. None.

In fact, North Korea launches a rocket on April 5th and what do we do? Globama begs the United Nations to write a letter to the North Koreans saying that if they stop testing their weapons, we'll send them more money. Huh?

More bluster and bravado from the emptiest suit ever to grace our White House lawn.

Peace has always, always, always been won with blood, sweat, and tears.

Never with a too cool, for school empty suit, who apparently still thinks he's writing a Harvard thesis on peace in a perfect world where everyone just....listens.

Reagan must be rolling in his grave wondering when Globama is going to emerge from his fog, and realize that the world is really, a very ugly place where sometimes you have to use fighter jets, rather than sweet smiles and Secret Santa i-pods for the Queen. That if we just had the military support of every nation in this world, we could wipe out the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and North Korea in 10 minutes. It might take a long time to wipe the blood off of our hands. But, rarely, so rarely, is peace won any other way.
The 17, 18, and 19 year old Americans who fought for us against Germany knew that. They went to battle overlooking the cliffs of Normandy knowing they would never return home. Knowing that. Many of them died in the very same place they are now buried.

For our freedom.

And we repayed them very nicely yesterday.

When Globama decided to scratch that part of his trip off his itinerary. We wouldn't want to offend the Germans, he estimated.

And millions who soar high above us in heaven began to cry in unison. For the lessons that Globama chooses to forget and ignore.

But history remembers, dear readers. And it always will.

Missing you today Ronald.


  1. I don't think I agree because why should any other country play by the rules when we don't?
    We're the only ones allowed to have all sorts of arms but the rest of the world can do nothing to protect themselves.
    I think N. Korea makes a bold statement that everyone else is afraid to make, which is...I don't care what you say, until you play by the rules, we won't give in either.
    Also, to use violence to make them "listen" is a failed tactic and very Bush-like. We all know that violence only breeds violence.

  2. Another excellent post, Lisa.

    And please excuse the comment on your other blog where I said you didn't mention Giggles-in-chief did not honor our dead soldiers at Normandy. Obviously, I should have checked this blog first.

    I do, however, have to take issue with GHWB having a low IQ. I'm sure you know he attended Yale and was the youngest fighter pilot in WWII. And GWB got better grades than John "jenjhiss khan" Kerry while at Yale. While you may not be Bush fans, stupid they're not.

    And, President George W. Bush kept this nation safe for 2647 days after 9/11. If you were asked on 9/12 if you thought we were going to be attacked again, what would you have said? Probally the same thing I said, ABSOLUTELY YES. We need to give credit where credit is due.

    Still a great post,
    G-d bless and stay safe

  3. artisitc logic,

    the difference is America is lead by rational, sane people. North Korea and Iran are not. Very simple concept to grasp.

  4. lurker,

    Who is to say that America is led by rational and sane people?

  5. I agree that with a bit of unity, the Taliban and al Qaeda would've been finished years ago. But I don't know about North Korea. I honestly don't see them as much of a threat - sure they've fired testing things and what have you, but it all just seems like a front.
    I would not agree with "Lurker" - Iran is not that much of a threat. At least, no more of a threat than America who is nuclear armed as well. I'd say the more threatening of nuclear armed countries would be India and Pakistan.

    I agree with most of your post, Lisa ^_^ except I'm a pacifist (bet you could've guessed that hehe) so I don't think the best way to peace is through violence. I think it's more about America hopping off its high horse and engaging the rest of the world equally for once *ponders* hm.
    Love this post!

  6. Artistic Logic,

    But, Reagan didn't need to use violence. He was just a lot more respected, a born leader and possibly a good actor to boot. It was fairly easy to make the Soviets capitulate without force.

    I just want to know who it is that America needs to hold it's reputation against. Who do we need to give up our nukes for dearest sister?

    Maybe it's the Middle East whose dictators and royal families treatment of women and non-Muslims is something we should emulate.

    Or perhaps it's China whose done a great job being friends with every despot in the world from Iran to Sudan and back again. Let's give a cheer for their fantastic job at quelling dissent by murdering Tibetans, Chinese Muslims, and their own citizens.

    And maybe it's Russia under Putin because his reign had no correlation with 180 human rights activists and journalists randomly being murdered. None at all. And he's been a terrific friend to the Chechnyan's hasn't he? All of them are still breathing and thrilled that he maintains his KGB stranglehold on that country....

    And what about Europe whose in a state of rapid decay and doing a fantastic job letting immigrants take over their countries? I just heard that the current unemployment rates everywhere except Britain stand at 50% or more. Interestingly enough, the former Soviet bloc countries will be members of the European Union before Turkey. That's a club I'm dying to join....

    The point is that none of these countries seem to be wringing their hands trying to figure out what the world thinks of how they treat their friends and enemies. So I just have to ask why America should care about anyone but herself?

    But, you do make a lot of good points Artistic Logic. It is high time for the US to either drop their weapons, or stop expecting others to do it first.

    Love you lots.

  7. Lurker in Columbus,

    John "Jenjhiss Khan" Kerry? Oh my goodness I was on the floor after that one dear. Hilraious! I'm interested to hear some of your other names for these leaders!

    I have to agree that I always felt safe with Bush. He might not have always seemed that smart, but indeed he was much smarter than we knew. I really just think he figured out that the job wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I feel sorry for him, that he never got to enjoy it.

    Yesterday, I cried when I read that he saved a million lives in Africa because of his little known AIDS work there. The beginning of a sweet legacy dearest Lurker. I do think history will judge him much better than they do now. Especially if we are attacked again.

    Love you very dearly. I FINALLY emailed you!

  8. Lurker in Columbus,

    Usually WE are under Bush, Clinton, and Reagan, but can we honestly say that this leadership is much better than North Korea's? Heck we might not be kidnapping Lisa Ling's little sister like the North Koreans, but apparently we are too feeble to send a few naval men to destroy those ridiculous Somali pirates. Oh Lurker, I weep for the future. Truly. Love you!

  9. Artistic Logic,

    Well usually we are. Don't know that we can say that about now though. I don't know if anything is worse though then the combo of that little mini Hitler Iranian and Kim Jong's habit of believing he's God. Love you so dearly sister.

  10. Ellen 557,

    That brings up another excellent point which is why are we forgetting Pakistan and India? For a time, Obama wanted to invade Pakistan, even though I think we both know it was never going to actually happen.

    I beg to differ a little about the North Koreans. We know what "Muslim" extremists want. But North Korea is a total mystery. We know that there is a mad-man who thinks he is God running the show over there. He's not afraid at all about starving his own people, has no conscious. This is more scary to me dearest Ellen just because he's not showing his cards.

    Iran is not quite as scary because again we can handle them. We've seen their cards and there is no Ace up their sleeve. It's about preserving their ayatollahs.

    I love that you are a pacifist. Over the years, I have been too. It is only since 9-11 that I was a little more geared towards the idea of trying it through blood. Mashallah though, I'm glad to see someone who looks for it with peace. Know though that I did not come from a family that was military. Granddaddy served in Korea, but that was it. We don't believe in sending our members. Too selfish is the reason :)

    Love you very much Ellen. Thanks for your sweet words.

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  12. nice post :)

    whom you mentioned as globama? is it global obama?

    if one country supports another, there are umpteen number of countries who oppose them. some may try to jump here and there too. lest immediately of 9/11, some results would have emerged or when mumbai was attacked some action would have been taken. the things are not moving as people think.

    alas! let the third world war dont take place

  13. artistic logic, you asked

    "Who is to say that America is led by rational and sane people?"

    You can't be serious by placing the iranian "nutter-in-chief" and the North Koreans "pig-belly-il" in the rational/sane category.

    And what “rules” are you referring to?

    America is morally superior to any other nation; throughout our history, America has spent more treasure and American lives to free the world of tyrants.

    And like it or not, force freed Europe from the grip of Hitler and dropping atomic bombs on Japan saved lives thus forcing them to surrender.

    Force works every time it's been used.

  14. Lurker in Columbus,
    Do you have any evidence to support your claim of America's "moral superiority?" Or, a the very least, can you explain your definition of "moral?" I am not trying to be offensive, but historically, your claim has no merit. What about the lives we have taken: from the very beginning, we forced others off of their lands, pillaged them, ruined them. We enslaved millions of people, and, after reluctantly abandoning that practice, we oppressed them for over a century more. Some of our "wars" have been little more than killing sprees - not just in terms of "the enemy's" casualties, but our own citizens as well (Vietnam, for example). I don't personally believe that any country, nation, or state can be considered "moral." There are always agendas to be met, and the ulterior motives of even one person can affect the entire political structure.
    As I said, I am not trying to be offensive or to belittle your beliefs in any way. I am just trying to point out a few things which I believe refute your claim.

  15. Srinivas,

    Laughing * No Globama is a name made up because he's always Glowing and looking like a gorgeous leader we have to worship. He has a "glow" about him. Kind of an offensive word for him, if you will!

    It's too bad we can't all come together to have a more safe world. Sigh* Love you dear one.

  16. Lurker in Columbus,

    As bad as things got in Vietnam with John "jenghiss Khan" Kerry (love that name) and the like, we NEVER heard from the Vietnamese again! And same with Japan who turned concentration camps into education and almost beating us to superpower glory in the 1980's. And no to mention the Jews, who despite lack of a definite nation managed vey nicely to forget their woes, with America's help.

    The only time force hasn't worked out is when we weren't brave enough to use it. Like when Billy Oversexed Clinton thought it not right to attack a group of women near the Bin Laden compound estimating too much collateral damage.

    You are awesome Lurker! Love you!

  17. Amirah,

    I'll post abut this tomorrow, but sadly America has forgotten her morals. We were once moral though. We'll talk about it in detail tomorrow, as part of my Good Friday segment! Love you lots and soooo glad to see you!

  18. Lurker in Columbus: Not in defense of N. Korea or Iran but America lead by rational people? Ha. Rational people? I'm sorry, but you guys are the biggest bullies and agressors in the world. YOU NEED TO TRAVEL AND STUDY HISTORY DARLING. I love Americans as individuals but find sooooooooooo many of them to be misinformed or ignorant of the goings on in the world and THEIR role in it.

    How often have you heard of America's foreign policy initiatives championing the rights of democracy and promoting representative government all over the world? Picturing in your head, Uncle Sam waving the American flag on the Antarctic with the fascistic giant below his feet, stamping it to the ground and liberating the world from terror and corruption?

    This is perhaps the picture the United States, and most Americans have in mind, yet I would like to present to you that in reality, America is one of the greatest enemies of what we perceive as 'democracy.'

    Let me take you on a little trip through American Foreign Policy since WWII.

    * Iran: 1953 - CIA removes democratic and popular government of Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadegh and endorsed a dictatorial monarch Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi.

    * Guatemala: 1954 - CIA engineered a military coup that ousted the socialist president Jacobo Arbenz's democratic government, and placed a brutal military dictatorship which is ranked among Amnesty International's top human rights violators.

    * Congo: 1960 - CIA orchestrated assassination of populist Black Nationalist, also first Prime Minister of Congo - Patrice Lumumba. Creating a messy power vacuum which left another dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko, in years of power.

    * Ecuador: 1960 - CIA began another campaign aimed at triggering a military coup, getting rid of another 'democratically' elected President Jose Maria Velasco Ibarra and placing another military dictatorship in that country.

    * Greece: CIA initiated another coup by which they hand-picked as leader a new military dictatorship lead by Colonel Georgios Papadopoulos who was elected for two reasons: one, he had worked for the CIA in previous years and second, the CIA knew that he had been a Nazi collaborator which guaranteed that he would remain subjected to US control and manipulation. AND he was a brutal dictator!

    * Chile: 1970 = CIA destabilized Chilean politics by getting rid of Salvador Allende from office, and placing a fascist military junta lead by General Augusto Pinochet. They did so because Allende wanted to nationalize companies that would make it harder for the US to exploit them, but failed once the US killed him in the coup.

    * South Korea: America has placed an ultra-rightist and ultra-nationalist dictator Syngmon Rhee, who executed a reign of terror in his country that left 50,000 people dead.

    * Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh, who was initially pleading for American support as only a Nationalist with a very 'democratic agenda' was turned into an anti-democratic leader and drew support from Communist Russia and China. The US placed several puppet regimes in South Vietnam which were very brutal to the general civilian population.

    * Iraq: 2003 - US invasion resulted in a puppet government which is not very democratic at all given that the Sunni population in Iraq was largely marginalized during the election process which left the Shi'a majority to rule with US blessing. Once the US leaves, it will amount to more bloodshed and civil war! The CIA has tried to mingle in other countries as well but was unsuccessful because those governments were not as vulnerable and 'democratic' prior to the American initiated coups.

    Examples include:

    Costa Rica, Venezuela and Cuba - also perhaps Afghanistan?

    These are just some examples off the top of my head - and perhaps they are sufficient for you to see that in fact, America has been anything BUT a promoter of democracy around the world. It has largely discouraged nations to become more democratic since doing so leaves them vulnerable and makes them a naked target for a military coup if not an invasion!

    America has more often defended the least democratic regimes around the world including some of America's key allies: Haiti, El Salvador, apartheid South Africa, Taiwan, KSA, Egypt, Uzbekistan and Israel!

    So I suppose, we should all screw democracy if we are to sustain our independence and freedom from the aggressions of the neo-imperial US of A!

    But this makes me wonder - what is democracy?

    Democracy in the literal traditionalist meaning suggests "people rule." Taken that Americas schizophrenic system is set up in such a way that it averts democracy it is impossible to claim that even America is a democracy. I would give it the name "the republic of hypocrisy" - which alludes to the fact that America's actions are all but democratic. This façade is making people blind to America's malignant reality. The brutal history which made America responsible for two of the three greatest genocides in Human history:
    a) The Native-American Genocide
    b) African Slave Trade Genocide

    The third being the Nazi Holocaust. But what I am trying to say here is that Uncle Sam is not shoving democracy anybody's throat - he is showing fear and terror and death and spreading the seeds of chaos and war!!!

    Now all he needs to do is stop crying foul when things don't go the way he expected them to -and people point out the hypocrisy of your country holding all the nukes and calling for less of them. Silly, silly silly, and your only defense is to call your leaders sane and call others crazy. Well, we cann all read the history books darling. We don't live in a made up world where we think we are the best and everyone else is crazy. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it, Iran or YOU. But since you are trying to be the example we should all follow, when you do a BAD it is worse than Iran, who we already know not follow as an example.

    Thanks Nida for letting me borrown some of your post for my comment rant!

  19. Mashallah you had excellent points here Pixie. I was so amazed, great memory. I think it's easy for even me to forget America's role in Chile and especially South Korea.

    You certainly never hear America spoken of thi way. It really is rare even on CNN, MSNBC. But, I certainly don't feel like I'm ruling anything tonight Intisar, even though we were supposed to be able to rule as the people.

    Love you lots.