Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Try Suicide

Today, wherever you are, please hold tightly to those who you love. Ask them if they are okay. Offer to listen. For those who have lost that chance.


  1. Do not ever pick this 'one way ticket' for any problem solution

  2. Woah, the picture is a bit disturbing. >.<

  3. Scarletadyant,

    Definitely. I appeciate this comment more than you know dear one. Love you lots.

  4. SirAdib,

    I really like your blog! This picture was meant to be the most disturbing possible. My Grandmother committed suicide and it was the anniversary, so I hope people see what it looks like, including myself, and abstain.

  5. it is sad to read this...
    May God helps u to surmount the pain and the sorrow of such a lost

    subhanallah i do not know why people act this way i wish we could save them to fight against those darks ideas they have if olny they realized than once u are dead it is worst than life itself

    after all there is always someone more sad and unhappy than us, we always have to remenber that acting this way will hurt our relatives and family and friends
    alhamdoulilah say i am alive and God created me for a reason if i yhink no one love me or care about me i need to remember that The Creator love me and i am valuable for Him and for Him i will make my life worth cause life is precious it is a gift
    take care sister and sorry be strong

  6. Flifla,

    Oh I love you so much sweetie! Thank you for this comment. I still just love your blog, and thank you for what you said here. It is a wake-up call for all of us. Love you!