Monday, April 13, 2009

Mr. President, Put Down The Portugese Water Dog And Stop Making Us Plant Edible Lawns

This is the backyard of my childhood home. And little Youssef playing among mom's tiny edible garden yesterday on Easter.

Can you see the barbed wire fence that backs up to one of Austin's largest privately owned ranches? I had the privilege of watching deer majestically jump over it, and wander around our backyard with their young growing up. And the privilege of seeing the beauty of Texas and it's oak trees everyday.

The miniature garden might be a bit of an isore, but apparently it's worth ruining our 1/2 acre lawn to not have to pay as much at the produce stand.

Mom planted rosemary and garlic recently so I just had to take a look. We discussed how bad this economy has become, and I wondered if she'd ever consider planting a lawn garden. "If dad would let me," she said.

What is this nation coming to? This economy is so bad that people with money are willing to tear apart their lawns, go against neighborhood associations and landlords, and make their gardens a safe haven for snakes and other undesireable wildlife.

On a street where children are playing hopscotch, making money at lemonade stands, and riding bikes.
I really didn't understand why average citizens were willing to do this until I went to the grocery this morning and spent $7.84 for 6 yellow squash and $6.08 for house tomatoes. And it wasn't Whole Foods Organic produce either.

Obama is not moving fast enough to try to lower these skyrocketing prices at the grocery.

Just like it took what seemed like forever for him to do anything about the Somali pirates.

He was busy this weekend, people. Busy buying a Portugese water dog, instead of the mutt he promised America for Sasha and Malia.

And I understand that. They are cute little girls and need their dad. Even if he is President.

Perhaps these new lawn gardens are also environmentally friendly. But, I don't want to die instantly because I was driving in the snow with a tiny smart car, instead of an hug, honking SUV. And I also don't want to play tee-ball with Youssef and have to smell compost piles, instead of spring wildflowers.

We need help in America, Mr. President. I'm sure the puppy is adorable, but we need action on food prices so that next April, I don't have to watch our neighbors with front yard lawn gardens keep their Christmas lights out in time for Easter. And so that I can watch children play in their back and front yards, without stepping on growing turnip sprouts.

Because we all deserve to have a yard like this one pictured below.

So Mr. President, put down the new puppy and help us out.


  1. well written article - this is the need of the hour, but will the contents reach the proper head?

    this is the thinking and requirement of everybody in this world. the thinking is remaining our own minds and not shown to people who are managing the government. those managers have become blind folded with the available fortune in front of their eyes and forgotten the entire world.

    can we think of sending this as a petition with the signatures?

  2. btw, the backyard very nice. think youssef is enjoying the real world - he is away from four walls and exposed to sun :)

  3. Once again Lisa,
    Please be careful with blaming Obama for things.... I am sure he was not out all weekend buying that dog- in fact I believe it was brought to the White House. Obama has not been in office 3 months yet- and he can not wave a wand and fix things. There are also some 535 people who have to agree on everything that gets done... and all kinds of hoops to jump through, its a mess bigger than any one person.
    So please, give the man a chance, he's already warned on many occasions that there isn't an instant fix. You may not have voted for him, and you may not like him, but please just give the man a chance.

    ps: big yards and veggie gardens are awesome. I myself have a veggie garden, always have had because I prefer to know where my veggies are coming from.

    love karen

  4. Srinivas,

    Youssef had so much fun! thank you for asking. Mom and dad have a huge backyard.

    I wish we could send a petition but I have the feeling not much would come of it. Hopefully, stable minds will prevail....eventually.

  5. Caps Fan,

    Awe...Karen very well said. I think I will try to wait and see where things go. I am actaully quite hopeful about things after he finally gave the order to shoot the Somali pirates. I wasn't sure he had it in him.

    Much of this is likely a rant on my current unemployed state. Hopefully inshallah I can get past this "government help me" urge!

    I love veggie gardens too and would definitely have a mini one if I had a backyard much like mom. But, I'm not big on these FRONT yard lawn gardens. It just seems so out there, though I know there huge in California, and have been for years. Love you so very much Karen! Can't wait to see your blog!

  6. I think its great to blog about these issues and get our thoughts out there. Unfortunately, our government was sold out to the money interests a couple generations ago and the economy is not really controlled by the people anymore. Unfortunately I don't think that things will get better permanently in this world.

  7. *sigh* Lisa, as someone else said, he's been in office for less than three months. He's not's bad enough some supporters were expecting rainbows to start flying out his bum and a ray of light and a voice from on high when he was inaugerated. One man, working through a system. It took a *long* time for us to get here - it's not going to get better over night.

    The media is focusing on stupid things. The puppy, Michelle's arms, her outfits. We hear very little about policy, or what's being done. And then you've got the crazy people on Fox...anyway.

    As far as yard/garden, yeah, prices are insane. It's unfortunate that people are being forced into doing such things. However, in my opinion, it's a good idea for people to be able to grown their own produce. I freaking *hate* those manicured lawns shown in your picture. They're *useless*. And snakes and wasps and all manner of 'undesirable wildlife' find those yards just as appealing.

    I'd much rather my kids play/*work* in a garden, or in an open yard than in one of those froofy manicured ones. Learn to do something useful with their time and energy.

    Yes, Amber is probably going to be 'Nazi'-mom, should she ever get married.

  8. Stacy aka Fahiima,

    It really is too bad. I was hoping we had a chance as well to move forward, but so far it doesn't seem to be very certain. I am glad that Obama finally ordered the shoot to kill on those Somali pirates. It took awhile, but hopefully this little skirmish taught him that moving quickly is necessary :) Love you an thanks for coming by!

  9. Amber,

    I get my daily dose of Laura Ingraham and Hannity everyday on talk radio. And then Dr. Laura. So by the time I get over here, I'm raging at the administration in case you can't tell :)

    I also think their running out of ideas though. Not a lot is going on. Poor Bush was prepping for a 9-11 nightmare early on. The Obama's have been lucky so far.

    The manicured lawns are easier on your old neighbors eyes Amber. The last thing I'd want is to tear apart the lawn and then have them tell you about it for life. And also where would you put a swingset if you tear it up. A small garden? Yes. Tearing apart the entire lawn. No.

    Love you lots!

  10. I fear no old neighbor! :) Here's the secret to dealing with cranky old folk...nod and smile, nod and smile...

    Swingsets belong in the back yard. Behind a security fence. With barbed wire and machine gun towers....

    I may be paranoid about pedophiles and people who kidnap kids. Maybe.

    Seriously, though, I believe Bush was prepping for a nightmare because he was out to make one. Not that he caused 9/11, but that he was looking for an excuse. Bin Laden gave him one. We could go all conspiracy theory on it, but I find those people a tad crazy for my taste... do we know what's going on while the media is focused on petty little things?

    Also, since this is the political blog...'Tea-bagging' - it does not mean what you think it means, right wing people! (not you, Lisa, but the ones on the tv...:) - I am highly amused by them, and the 'grassroots' movement that Fox created)

  11. Amber- I too was laughing my head off at the "tea-bagging"... heh heh Apparently the group that was protesting here in DC got booted off the place they were trying to protest because they didnt get permits. So you can tell how well their brains work.

    Lisa- Dr. Laura is nuts for starters, so is that anorexic blond one, forget her name... she's a looney tune also. Its hard to find completely unbiased anything anymore but those you listed are just extreme!!

    Since I live in DC, this is all local news to me so maybe I hear more than you down in Texas. I know my dad out in SoCal doesn't hear much and has to go online.

  12. Amber,

    I didn't end up attending any tea parties, and they don't seem to have done much good anyway. All anyone wants to talk about is the little puppy Bo anyway!

    And I do agree that Bush was prepping. Absolutely. He was only too happy to get the green light to enter Iraq courtesy of 9-11. And I'm sure he wondered how he'd otherwise do it.

    And I love backyard playscapes! They have so many cute options nowadays! Love you.

  13. Caps Fan,

    Dr. Laura is pissing me off. I'm fixing to go buy In Praise of Stay At Home Moms, her new book. I guess I want to torture myself!

    You sound like you hear a lot more! We have to got through NY Times or Talk Radio, or God forbid MSNBC and Fox News. The paper here likes to report on things like a 5K run a lot more than real news! Love you!

  14. Really, do people NEED lawns to play in? Lawns are soooooo bad for the environment. As kids in South Africa we loved the vegatable gardens and played in them, learning practical things like how to grow them, and we got to snack on them. We pretended we were slaves, princesses, pirates, all under the maize and pumpkins and fruit trees. It was a wonderful childhood.

  15. True. I think it really is the aesthetics we are geared towards that keeps us wishing for them Pixie. The thing is we need trees, and sometimes lawns facilitate that better. Trees are good for the environment. But, your lie sounds so fun in Africa. I reall can't even imagine what wide open spaces are like anymore. Love you sweetie.